Passion Begets Passion

For years, a group of young entrepreneurs dwelled on the idea of a unique food concept in Malaysia - the simple kind to have at any place and time, yet provide the ultimate sweet tooth experience.

Coincidentally, they also shared a common passion for donuts.

More Than Just A Donut

Far from being a new concept in some parts of the world where the wheel had already been reinvented, the idea of warm and freshly baked donuts coupled with entertainment value (production theatre) was still a novelty in Malaysia.

The entrepreneurs aimed to change the local perception that the donut was just a donut. With their collective experiences in the food and beverage industry, they developed a unique dough mix and a delightful range of donuts at the lowest calorie scale possible. At the same time without compromising the quality and flavour that donut fans would expect.

Making Waves

In the month of May 2007, Big Apple Donuts & Coffee opened its doors for the very first time to Malaysian donut lovers at The Curve. It fell nothing short of a success phenomenon. With the customers’ waiting line spilling beyond the sidewalk, a new world experience for donut lovers began emerging.

By the mid of 2008, Big Apple was acknowledged as one of the fastest growing food chains in the history of the nation with already 23 stores operating nationwide, just over a year after its birth.

Today, at an average growth rate of one new store a month, Big Apple is going global.

Behind The Name

Big Apple specializes in offering a wide range of donuts and beverages to people who want something different from the norm. Because we strive to be different, our donuts are not the same as other brands of donuts in the market. Altogether, the concept, packaging and greater choices of donuts make Big Apple a very unique brand.

Saying It With Passion

With a tag-line of “Every Piece is a Masterpiece", Big Apple always aims to offer something new and exciting to all donut lovers in Malaysia and around the world. The idea for introducing freshly fried donuts with different choices of filling and garnishing came from a group of passionate individuals who have vast experiences in the food and beverage industry in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

From the time that it was conceived, Big Apple has upheld the commitment to deliver not only the promise of freshness and goodness but of innovation through foresight. And we continue to do so with each growing customer.

That Everyday Magic

The magic of Big Apple Donuts & Coffee doesn't come simply from the products and brand, but also from the relationships, the innovation and the diversity of the people who contribute to the fun, energy and success of the organisation everyday.

Reaching out, extending boundaries and ¬finding common bonds are part of the real magic of Big Apple.

Big Apple’s energy comes from relating to people and truly understanding their choices and tastes. What drives us forward is the desire to ensure that, across the country, our donuts will put a smile on people’s faces, any place, any time.

Donuts Are Our World On A Stage

Adding to the magic of Big Apple is our ‘production theatre’ where we adopt an open-kitchen concept in every store. Each is specially designed to showcase the process of donut making to build that multi-sensory experience for customers. For the first time, customers are able to fully appreciate their meal after having seen the donut make its journey from dough to packing box.